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How career assessments can help you find success

January 7th, 2019

Parents ask me how to help their teen who is having trouble finding the right career, even though he is close to graduating. Should he go to college if he is not sure what career to choose? Should he take a year off before attending college? What if he chooses the wrong career and would that be a waste of time? In some cases, adults tell me they struggle in their current job and they are considering a new job, or even a career change, but are not sure where to start. Finding out the right career or changing careers can be overwhelming. A career assessment given by a professional could be the answer to all these questions.

Career Assessment 5Career assessments provide insight into a person’s interests to help in finding a successful, fulfilled life. The best career assessments are backed by research, using information about how people of similar interests are employed, and what motivators help people in the workplace. The best career assessments are given by professionals who have graduate studies and who have worked with young students and adults alike, having the ability to understand a person’s background and assess and interpret all their interests using tools to obtain objective data.

When questioning a career path, a professional with extensive knowledge and training can help an individual who is dealing with several challenges such learning disabilities, depression, and family issues, all of which have an impact on career planning. A professional can evaluate a client’s developmental history and education, while using research-based questionnaires to find the interests that are similar to those who have successful careers.

With our extensive expertise in psychology and education, our career assessments use tools that have over four decades of research, so we can discover how your interests can help you:

  • When choosing a college major, you can identify which areas of study are required or relevant for a particular field. You can find out what classes to focus on that are appropriate for the chosen career.
  • When exploring careers, you can identify the right occupations.
  • When seeking career development, you can become more self-aware so you can understand your strengths and weaknesses, including your work style and risk-taking tendencies.
  • For employers, career assessments can help engage employees and align their interests with the areas they are responsible for in their job, or explore what other jobs they may excel in within the company.

Dr. Monica Oganes has worked with students for almost two decades, with at least 10 years working in the schools, serving elementary, middle, and high school students of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Now in private practice, she works with students by providing a range of services that include mental health counseling, psychoeducational evaluations, and career counseling. She has also helped adults who are in career transition, while successfully helping them find their new path to a happy, rewarding life. Whether you would like your child to make the right decision in selecting a career path, or you are looking to make a change in jobs or career, contact us at our Miami or Orlando offices. Let our career assessments help you uncover your potential and discover your calling.

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